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  • Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    Feb 28, 2020

    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public – World Health Organization

    People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

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  • Sweet Your Valentine’s Day

    Feb 14, 2020

    Sweet Your Valentine’s Day

    Happy valentine’s Day.- Sweet Gift on Valentine’s Day-

    From Valentine’s Day
    To 29 February
    Customers ordered sweetener products
    May receive the sweet gifts
    100 boxes of sweetener
    Gift is small
    Sweetness is infinite
    Let love last forever

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  • Happy Lantern Festival

    Feb 08, 2020

    Foodchem Group wishes you a Happy Lantern Festival!

    It is the Lantern Festival today, which is an important traditional festival in China. On this day, the whole family get together, share the reunion, and look forward to good luck in the new year.

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  • Jan 02, 2020

    Foodchem Group congratulates the New Year! Go forward together in 2020!

    The New Year’s Day has arrived and the new year has begun. Foodchem Group sends its new year greetings to our partners, customers and friends: I wish you and your family good health, good luck and prosperity in 2020!

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  • happy-new-year-2020

    Dec 27, 2019

    2019 Foodchem Stock Promotion Product List

    Happy New Year 2020,At the time of Christmas and New Year’s Day, Foodchem has a large number of promotion product displays. The goods are distributed in the warehouses in Shanghai, China, Los Angeles, and Belgium in Europe. If you need any products from Foodchem, please contact our sales staff in time to purchase, contact email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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  • Merry Christmas 2019

    Dec 23, 2019

    Merry Christmas 2019

    Best wishes from Foodchem, Merry Christmas 2019!

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  • Happy-National-Day-2019

    Nov 29, 2019

    Happy Thanksgiving Day 2019

    It is the 6th year of our Thanksgiving Day Event—Exchange Gifts, which has become the traditional culture of Foodchem. It is all about given and love.
    Welcome to our product list for Thanksgiving promotion

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  • Happy-National-Day-2019

    Sep 30, 2019

    Happy National Day 2019

    Happy National Day in 2019, Foodchem blessed the prosperity of the motherland.

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  • Aug 07, 2019

    Happy Qixi Festival at Foodchem™

    Foodchem has prepared a sweet gift for the company’s employees, self-developed tabletop Sweeteners products and customized sweet candy at Qixi Festival.

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