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  • Foodchem

    Sep 30, 2022

    Happy National Day

    National holiday period: October 1-8, 2022; If you have any products and technical services, please send an email directly to:

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  • Sep 09, 2022

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner!
    To make your mooncake more delicious and healthy, zero-calorie sugar, gelatine, and even plant-based meat are good choices.

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    Sep 01, 2022

    Aug-Sep Monthly Newsletter from Foodchem

    The group monthly magazine is published every 2 months, please check it in time

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  • Aug 19, 2022

    Foodchem Group Brings Latest Innovative Products and Solutions to FIC 2022

    FIC is one of the largest and most professional trade shows in the field of food additives and ingredients. It is a highly industry-cohesive exhibition with well-known enterprises from countries and regions in the world. Last week, Foodchem Group has attended FIC 2022 in Guangzhou from the 16th to 18th of August in Canton Fair Complex (Guangzhou). Our team showcases the latest innovative applications for food and beverages at booth 42B31.

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  • Aug 04, 2022

    FOODCHEM GROUP will attend FIC 2022

    We FOODCHEM GROUP will attend FIC 2022 held in Guangzhou  Along with FOODMATE – Gelatin&Collagen Hydrocolloids Manufacturer, It is a great honor to invite you to visit our booth. Below please kindly check our booth information:

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  • Foodchem

    Aug 01, 2022

    summer promotion on food ingredients—Foodchem

    Each summer, Foodchem will launch most powerful promotion on food ingredients.
    To celebrate our 16-year Anniversary and new factory opening ceremony, let’s see what’s new this year:
    1. more than 10 products were selected
    2. sharpest discount
    3. covers more customers
    4. sufficient quantity in stock with prompt delivery

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    Jun 29, 2022

    May-June Monthly Newsletter from Foodchem

    In an environment of stable consumption growth and abundant stocks globally, much of the variation in the wheat supply chain emanates from supply shocks and major disruption to trade flows. Weather events, farmer profitability, and improved yield potential are some of the major factors that influence global wheat production.

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  • Allulose supplier

    Jun 13, 2022

    Allulose, a new type of sugar substitute for hypoglycemic

    Allulose is a well-studied rare sugar that has been granted GRAS certification by the US FDA, meaning it is generally recognized as safe as a food ingredient under the conditions of intended use in food and beverages. However, allulose has not been listed in China for the time being. Allulose is an isomer of fructose, a monosaccharide with very low content in nature. It is found in natural foods such as fruits, raisins, figs and kiwi. White powder, easily soluble in water.

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  • Fodochem

    Jun 02, 2022

    Dragon Boat Festival Well-being 2022

    he Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival, the Qingming Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival are known as the four traditional festivals in China.
    The holiday will be from June 3 to 5, a total of 3 days.

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